Success: A Team Effort

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with the technological advances over the past several years? It is a proven fact the way we do business today is much different than ten years or even a few years ago. All companies are faced with continual changes and at times feel overwhelmed. The most successful companies are those who embrace change and who are always striving to improve their customer service, streamline their internal processes so they respond better and faster to demands, and who invest in technology.

So how do you become one of these successful companies? Honestly, it takes a TEAM effort with each having very important roles. This team must be devoted to bringing an entire information and technology solution to the company. We believe a successful teams consists of:

Integrated Business Solutions + Acumatica Software + YOU

Integrated Business Solutions + Macola Software + YOU

There are many ERP software solutions to pick from these days and it is a real challenge to find just the right package. Even if you have an ERP solution that works well, it often falls short of your total organization-wide information flow requirements. ERP solutions do a great job of handling transactions, but what about the knowledge base of information that reaches into Customer Relationship Management, Document Management, Project Management and more? These areas are essential to effective businesses in today’s market.

The Team We Build Consists of:

Team Member 1 IBS

Integrated Business Solutions can be your Business Partner solving the number one piece of the equation. With many successful implementations backed by our years of experience dealing with different types of businesses, we have a proven record you can depend on. We consider ourselves an extension of every customer we deal with, and take pride in the lasting relationships we have built over the years.

Team Member 2 ERP Software

One of our winning solutions offer organizations a totally Integrated end-to-end, single source business solution they can use today and well into the future. These solutions can streamline your business, improve productivity and help increase profitability.

Team Member 3 YOU

You and the employees that make up your entire organization working for the same common goal – a successful, effective, efficient business.

TEAM = Greater Effectiveness

Today’s companies must recognize the fact that purchasing a piece of software is only a small piece of the entire puzzle in being successful. You can have a great software solution, but if you don’t know how to use it effectively your employees will be frustrated and you can never reach your full return on the investment.

Let us help you build your company today with a Team Approach!


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