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Barcode Gun custom applications

If you use Wisys as your warehouse management solution, you have a built-in development environment to customize existing screens or build completely new screens from scratch. As a long-standing development partner with Wisys, IBS has created and deployed numerous applications for our clients to automate barcoded transactions from a barcode gun.

Crystal Reporting Solutions

Koperniko Reports
Koperniko Reports is a web-based Crystal Reporting tool that allows companies to categorize and deploy a multitude of Crystal Reports to their users in a categorized menu format. Because Koperniko Reports is web-based, users can access critical reports and data in real-time when working in the office, from home, or on the road.
Crystal Desktop Viewer
Lightweight report viewer- simply point to a crystal report on your PC or network and the viewer will display it.

Flexibility integration tool

  • Microsoft .net Crystal viewer means no compatibility issues when updating windows versions, Macola versions,
    Crystal versions, etc. Viewer is called from VBA.
  • Automatic Flexibility (VBA) code generator simplifies the process of building an automated report call into your
    Macola screens. Simply point to the report you want to integrate and the code template is generated for you to copy and
    paste into your Flexibility project. This even creates placeholders for the parameters on the report.

Download Crystal Reporting Flyer

Vendor Managed Inventory

Import projections from spreadsheet to drive purchasing requirements. Optionally use this data to create Purchase Orders in Macola (Wisys distribution SDK required for this).

Work Order Tracking

Need to track Work Order steps in a Production Order Processing environment? This solution allows you to enter processing steps against a Macola item number, produce a scan sheet showing the Work Orders steps, and gives you the ability to produce reports on the status of the items within the production environment. This solution can also be extended to include inspection activities at certain processing steps. This solution is very customizable to your environment using the base code set and customizing. This solution requires a complete understanding or your process and written requirements in order to accurately quote.

Container Tracking

Automate overseas shipments from your vendors from the time it leaves the port to the time it arrives in your warehouse. Take ownership of your goods once they are in-transit. Automate receiving of goods to in-transit and your warehouse.

Download Container Tracking Flyer

Shipment Builder

Build shipments from sales order information in Macola. Utilize this information to generate required shipping documents and (if needed) confirm ship and/or select orders for billing in Macola (Wisys distribution SDK required for this).

Transaction automation within single company and across multiple companies

Using the Wisys software development kit we have automated many transactions for our clients within a single Macola database or Intercompany. These types of automation achieve the best ROI of anything we do because of the countless man hours you will save.
1. Sales order import from spreadsheet
2. PO in 1 company creates sales order in sister company or vice versa
3. Create/report Production order transactions based on shipment or order data. Great for make to order environments.
4. Custom time tracking system integrated into POP or Shop Floor
5. Auto-bill orders from a custom shipping screen without having to use Macola confirm ship.

Custom Solutions integrated to Macola by Integrated Business Solutions

For pricing or demo on any of the below applications, contact Kim Burton at 620-795-2971.

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Programming Environment

We utilize Visual Basic .net, Macola Flexibility and WiSys objects in our PC applications. Javascript/HTML5 and/or is utilized in our web-based and mobile applications. The design and requirement will determine the best method for deployment of the application.


Access your critical business data from any mobile device or web browser, including iPad, iPhone, and Android devices. Design and publish data views from any Microsoft SQL data source. No programming required. If you can write a SQL query, you can take your business mobile. A real mobile application look and feel, not just resized web pages.

Download WIMO Flyer

Sales Order Import

We have written many sales order import utilities over the years to match each customer’s unique requirements. Be it csv, excel, xml etc we can create you a customized solution to fit. Wisys distribution SDK required.

Solid Works Integration to Macola

This integration piece between Solid Works and Macola eliminates the need for entry of the Macola Item Master, Item/Location and Bill of Materials. Data is extracted from Solid Works via a macro and the program picks up the data and creates the records in Macola. As part of the core solution an existing pdf file can also be uploaded as a Synergy document attached to the item. Changes to existing item master/item location records will be updated in Macola as well as deletions and replacement of items on the bill of material. The application is written in VB .net and is installed on a local workstation.

Service Plus

Automate your Service Department and integrate with Macola as well as Synergy. Our customized solution can be mapped to your exact process flow, saving you time, money and improving visibility throughout your organization. Macola ES, Macola 10 or Progression compatible.

Download Service Plus Flyer

Receiving Inspection enhancement

Macola Receiving Inspection works well for handling transactional data. Where is falls short is when you need to have different inspection steps based on the item being inspected and it does not guide the user through these inspection steps and capture statistical data needed for capturing Vendor Performance or Failure reasons. We designed this application as a simple method of allowing entry of the inspection steps which are displayed during the Receiving Inspection process for the user. The user can document failure reasons, pass/fail on the inspection steps and write notes. Macola continues to handle the transaction using the normal Receiving Inspection process.

Flexibility Applications

We have designed and written many enhancements to Macola using the Flexibility module. We work with your company to design exactly how you want the software to function, write the specifications and provide an estimate.

Sample Application Screen


Unique Solutions as Unique as You

Integrated Business Solutions understands the growing demands on companies to provide specific information to customers or streamline their business to eliminate redundant tasks. We have successfully designed and developed many custom solutions for our existing customer base that integrates with their Macola solution. We can design a program from your specific requirements or utilize the foundation of one of our existing solutions and tailor it to your company requirements.

Rapid Application Development

Our custom solutions utilize the latest in Rapid Application Development tools to create beautiful, easy to use interfaces.

Design That Meets Your Needs

We can help you define the business logic requirements and create your application that extends the capability of your ERP solution all while maintaining data integrity.

Standardized Development

We utilize standardized security and menu structures across both client/server and web-based solutions.

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