About Integrated Business Solutions

Integrated Business Solutions

was founded over 25 years ago. Located in Southeast Kansas, our initial goal was to work with local companies to help them better utilize their ERP (Business Software) and obtain a more efficient operation. After being hired by a local company to perform a software search, that engagement turned into a focused implementation of the chosen software solution. This first customer remains our customer today, after 24 years using the same system. Our software has grown with them over the years as they went from a 4-million-dollar company to over 100 million in sales.

Integrated Business Solutions has been serving customers across the US with emphasis in the central states of Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas and Oklahoma.  Our strong team consists of several consultants with over 20 individual years of experience working with ERP solutions.

The success of Integrated Business Solutions can be attributed to their experience with many different types of companies, their team approach to problem solving, honesty and never loosing site of the value of the customer. Many of their customers today have enjoyed a long-standing partnership with Integrated Business Solutions in providing solutions that grow with their company.

As Business Systems Consultants, our knowledge of business processes, which includes accounting, distribution, manufacturing and human resources, gained through years of experience, enables us to offer our clients assistance and guidance in the implementation of their business management software. Whether you’re planning to change your existing software solution or need assistance to make your current system more efficient, we can assist you in the process.

The most successful companies are those who embrace change and who are always striving to improve their customer service, streamline their internal processes so they respond better and faster to demands, and who invest in technology. We specialize in Acumatica and Macola and can leverage our years of experience with these solutions to obtain optimal results from your investment in these solutions.

We Love working with the IBS team. They are able to assist us with data, software, hardware, and develop the code to enhance the software to our specific uniqueness by finding ways to work around the barriers. They have helped us accomplish major and minor projects specific to B&W.

Becky Smith
Inventory Manager, B & W Trailer Hitches

"We have worked with IBS for more than 19 years. Our company is not large enough to cost justify an in-house IT staff. IBS fills the gap for us and helps us better leverage our software investment."

Jeff Null
Arkansas Lighting

"The IBS team has earned our
highest respect for the great job they have done and continue to do for Newell Coach."

Karl Blade
President, Newell Coach Corporation